8691 Water St.

Port Republic, VA 24471

Phone: (540) 249-0040

Email: portrepublicmuseum@icloud.com

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 82

Port Republic, VA 24471-0082

The Society of Port Republic
Preservationists, Inc.

8691 Water Street, Port Republic, VA 24471
Phone: (540) 249-0040
Email: portrepublicmuseum@icloud.com

Museum Exhibits

The Turner Ashby Room

The Turner Ashby Room describes the Battle of Port Republic, the Battle of Cross Keys, and the village of Port Republic as the site of the last days of Stonewall Jackson's Valley Campaign, including the death of General Turner Ashby and Jackson's narrow escape during an invasion of the village.

The River Room

The River Room illustrates the history of Port Republic as a typical colonial river port, from its settlement in the mid-1700's to its peak as a major river port and booming industrial town when fleets of barges set off for Harper's Ferry or Baltimore.

The Keeping Room

The Keeping Room interprets the town's history since the Civil War. Exhibits show the cultural development of Port Republic from an industrial village to a residential community as a result of the ravages of war, floods, and the growth of roads and railroads.

The Discovery Room

The Discovery Room's chief purpose is to provide an area for visitor orientation and for research; books, files, documents, maps, and a computer database are available for visitors to use. This room also houses temporary exhibits.