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The Society of Port Republic
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8691 Water Street, Port Republic, VA 24471
Phone: (540) 249-0040
Email: portrepublicmuseum@icloud.com

The Legacy Garden

A Garden To Be Shared

Port Republic Community
Christmas Tree

Happily, the Legacy Garden has already been the site of the Port Republic Community Tree Lighting. It will be exciting to watch the Community Christmas Tree grow each year. Planted in honor of John Thompson who treasured the community of Port Republic, the tree is a perfect fit. The Legacy Garden has been inaugurated by its first tour group of about 50 people led by NPS Ranger Eric Campbell during the sesquicentennial events. We hope that in the future especially as the gardens mature people will consider using our historic site as a place for events.

The Legacy Continues

There is room in the gardens for additional trees and shrubbery. As the gardens mature we are hopeful that donors will wish to have benches dedicated in celebration of loved ones. If you are interested in making a donation contact Tamara at (540)249-0040.

Our Legacy Trees and Those They Honor

Carson and Evelyn Knupp
Gold Star Dogwood, donated by Charles and Judy Warren
Don Poulson
'Prairie Fire' Crabapple, Japanese Pagoda Tree, Chinese Fringe
Tree, White Fringetree, Seven-Son-Flower, donated by Carol Poulson
Japanese Stewardia, donated by Denman Zirkle
Bennie Jarrels
Okame Cherry, donated by Peggy Richardson, Inajo and John Cox
Wayne Smith
'Nellie R. Stevens' Holly, donated by Virginia Kocher
'Coralburst' Crabapple, donated by Mary Lou Smith
John Thompson
'Electra Blue' Himalayan Cedar , donated by Port Republic Community
Sarah Frances and George Kemper Harnesberger
'Snowgoose' Cherry, donated by great granddaughter Allana Swope
Constance V. Torisky
'Summer Charm' Pekin Lilac, donated by Daniel Torisky
William Groah
Pink Japanese Dogwood, donated by granddaughters Doris and Joanne Pearl
The Duncan Family
'Karl Fuchs' Himalayan Cedar, donated by John Via and Allie Hardwick

Other donations to the Legacy Garden since its dedication on September 9, 2012

Wilda Kaylor
Garden bench, donated by Carol Poulson
Gazebo tent, donated by Ellen Kaylor and UDC Turner Ashby Chapter #162
"Dream Catcher" Kolwitzia , donated by Rich, Tamara & Aidan Gibson
Ian and Elizabeth Leitch
Knockout Roses, donated by Rich, Tamara & Aidan Gibson
Tom and Clare Aycock
Oakleaf Hydrangeas, donated by Rich, Tamara & Aidan Gibson
Table and bench, donated by Wayland Women's Club
Lowell W. Miller
'Cherokee Chief' Dogwood , donated by Pauline G. Miller
James Craig Kemper
Oakland Holly, donated by Deborah Kemper