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The Society of Port Republic
Preservationists, Inc.

8691 Water Street, Port Republic, VA 24471
Phone: (540) 249-0040
Email: portrepublicmuseum@icloud.com

The Museum shop offers publications and souvenirs to raise funds for the continued preservation of Port Republic artifacts.

Available Items:

Apron: Sturdy cotton canvas for men or women. Authentic reproduction of a Port Republic mill sack in red, blue, and black on a natural cotton canvas. $18 (+ $4 postage.)

Cookbook: Port Republic Community Receipts: Culinary Arts Along the Shenandoah River. 20th Anniversary reprint. Combines recipes with historic vignettes. $10 (+$4 postage)

Jackson Prayer Tree Pen

Stonewall Jackson Prayer Tree Pen

Inscription included in pen box:

"This pen is made from wood trimmings from the white oak tree known as the “Jackson Prayer Tree” which stood near Mount Meridian, Virginia. “Stonewall” Jackson held Sunday worship service under this tree on June 14 and 15, 1862. The scene is depicted in the engraving, “Prayer in ‘Stonewall’ Jackson’s Camp,” by J.C. Buttre. Prayer Tree pens commissioned by Port Republic Museum, 2007."

Photo by Danielle Torisky for SPRP

Many in the Shenandoah Valley have heard of the white oak tree known as “Jackson’s Prayer Tree” which stood near Mount Meridian. It was estimated to be anywhere from 275 to 300 years old – and was considered one of 36 most historic trees in the United States, according to the U.S. Forestry Department. Unfortunately the tree was blown down in 2011 (see photos).

On the weekend after the battle of Port Republic, troops under General “Stonewall” Jackson, a deeply religious man, were encamped nearby. His Sunday worship service was held under this tree on June 15, 1862. The scene is depicted in the engraving, “Prayer in ‘Stonewall’ Jackson’s Camp” by J.C. Buttre.

Wood was collected in 2007 during a trimming to promote the health of the tree. Some of it has been set aside to make into ball point pens, shown in the photo above. These pens are sold for $25 each and may be ordered by contacting the museum.

Jackson's Narrow Escape DVD

Jackson's Narrow Escape (DVD)

The Story of Stonewall Jackson at Port Republic on the morning of June 8, 1862. In this DVD, Dr. Irvin Hess with the late John Heatwole explains the events of June 8, 1862. The viewer will come away with a greater understanding of Jackson’s movements through the Village of Port Republic and the reasons for his actions.

Irvin and Nancy Hess very generously donated the rights to this DVD as well as the actual DVDs to the Society of Port Republic Preservationist. All proceeds from the sales of this DVD benefit the Port Republic Museum. The cost of the DVD is $20


Port Republic: The History of a Shenandoah River TownGeorge E. May$25.00
Conquering the ValleyR. Krick$30.00
(Stonewall Jackson at Port Republic and Cross Keys)
Shenandoah Wonder and LightIan J. Plant$10.00
A History of the Laurel BrigadeW.M. McDonald$25.00
PortalsHeatwole, et al$15.00
Touring the Shenandoah Valley BackroadsAndrea Sutcliffe$19.00
Civil War HandbookWilliam H. Price$5.00
If This Valley Lost, Virginia Is LostSVBF ed.$8.50
Give the Enemy No RestSVBF ed.$8.50
Cause of No OffenceLewis F. Fisher.$25.00
Home Front to Front Line: The Civil War EraSVBF ed.$8.50
Port Republic Receipts, Culinary Arts Along the Shenandoah$10.00
John L. Heatwole, The Word GathererCarol DeHart$15.00
(oral history interview)
With the Old Confeds, Actual Experiences of a Captain in the LineCapt. Samuel D. Buck, Co H. 13th Va. Inf.$16.00


Cross Keys OR Port Republic $8.00/set


The Charge of the First Maryland Regiment at The Death of Ashby, Lmtd Ed.$50.00
Various Prints By Danette Zirkle - Small$25.00
Various Prints By Danette Zirkle - Large$30.00
1923-1945 Port Republic Elementary School$15.00
1950-1995 Port Republic Elementary School$15.00


Jackson's Narrow Escape (DVD)$20.00
Apron (Port Republic Milling Company)$18.00
Note Cards (set of 8) pencil drawings by Paul Souder$3.00
Prayer Tree Note Cards (set of 5)$6.00
Note Cards (set of 10) Oil Painting Prints by Wayne Smith$10.00
Shenandoah, Civil War History CD$20.00
Stonewall Jackson Prayer Tree Pen (boxed w/cert. of authenticity)$25.00
Tote Bag (graveyard sheep) by D. Zirkle$15.00
Civil War Map Puzzle 1000 pc.$15.00
Jackson and Lee Generals Brought to Tears Puzzle 1000 pc.$15.00
Dulcimer Music CD - Home Now, Old Virginia and Traditional Galax Style - Gaskins $15.00
Alexander Cannery Label$10.00
Advice from a River - Slow down and Meander - Go with the flow - Stay Current - Beauty is in the Journey
T-Shirts (Turner Ashby)
Short Sleeves (adult) $15.00
Long Sleeves (adult) $19.00
Short Sleeves (children) $11.00
Long Sleeves (children) $14.00

To order any of these items by mail, be sure to add "adequate postage" to your order and send your check to:

SPRP, Inc.
P.O. Box 82
Port Republic, Virginia 24471-0082