8691 Water St.

Port Republic, VA 24471

Phone: (540) 249-0040

Email: portrepublicmuseum@icloud.com

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 82

Port Republic, VA 24471-0082

The Society of Port Republic
Preservationists, Inc.

Past Programs and Speakers

Guest speakers have often illuminated history for SPRP members.

Past speakers have included:

Bill Bedall
CW Munitions
John Heatwole
Valley Folklore: Valley Indian and Pioneer Artifacts
Peter Svensen
Living on a Battlefield
Clarence Geier
Valley Archaeological Digs
Alex Tillen
Frontier Culture Museum, "Restoration of Eighteenth Century Homes"
Phillip DeVos
Canals and Navigation: Early Virginia Waterways
Bruce Craig
Battlefield Legislation Goals
Jim and Phyllis Gaskins
Irish Traditional Folk Music
Nick Whitmer
A Common Ancestor: Local and Traditional Irish Music
Kitty Saufley
Blue Ridge Tales and Music
Robert Krick
Stonewall at Port Republic
Harry Spitzer
18th -19th Century Port Industries
Danielle Torisky
Feeding the Family: The Civil War Homefront in Port